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07/18/03<br />
Norms Destiny, a 6-year-old racehorse at Emerald Downs, laps (guzzles) down his second Coors Light beer after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich fed to him by his trainer James Orr. The horse, co-owned by his wife Lenoa Orr and Vince Hemninson was goint to be put down in December 2001 when it developed a hind leg problem. James, purchased a half rack of Coor light and drank it with the horse. The next day the horse could walk better and was taken to Vince's farm for a year-long workout.In 2002 the race horse took a fifth, fourth and four second places. This year the won a $12,500 claiming race on July 6th, his second of the year and two third-place finishes. The owners feel it's time for him to retire. Jim Bryant/P.I. photo